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CAP Bylaws and Procedures

Boat Ramp Use Agreement- DRAFT.pdf
CAP Articles of Incorporation.pdf
By-Laws Committee Procedure Manual
External Affairs Committee Procedure Manual
Property Maintenance Committee Procedure Manual
Social Committee Procedure Manual
Communication Procedure Manual


Spring 2023 Newsletter
Fall 2023 Newsletter
Winter 2023 Newsletter

General Meeting Agenda & Minutes

November 16, 2023 General Mtg Agenda
September 2023 Gen Mtg
June 2023 Gen Mtg
April 2023 Gen Mtg

Board Meeting Minutes

October 2023 Board.pdf
February 2023 Board.pdf
September 2023 Board.pdf
August 2023 Board.pdf
June 2023 Board.pdf
May 2023 Board.pdf
April 2023 Board.pdf
Mar 2023 Board.pdf

Budget and End of Year Fiscal Reports

2022 Budget
EOY Fiscal Report 2022

Treasurer Reports

02 February Update treasurers report
03 March Update treasurers report
04 April Update treasurers report
05 May Update treasurers report 1
06 June Update treasurers report
08 August Update treasurers report
09 September Update treasurers report
10 October Update treasurers report

Community Interest Items

Crownsville Small Area Plan