Update to Community Guidelines

Hi folks. At our last BOG meeting, we unanimously decided to add the following clause to the Community Guidelines, which you can find linked from the "About Us" page:

Any lodger, or short-term renter, as defined by Anne Arundel County Council Bill 88:19, will be considered a Guest for the purposes of the use of CAP Community amenities, and as such must be accompanied by a CAP member.

This is placed under the "Guests" section of the Guidelines. The addition of this clause is part of the overall Short-Term Rental project the CAP BOG has undertaken this year, and will be discussed and voted on by the general membership at our next General Meeting in September, which we are currently planning on holding. In other words, this clause is temporarily added, with a vote in September by the general membership to decide if it becomes permanent.

Civic Association of Palisades (CAP)

The Civic Association of Palisades (CAP) is open to homeowners and tenants of properties in Palisades on the Severn, Palisades Park, and Severn Landing communities.

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