September General Meeting Agenda

No thanks to COVID-19, here we are in September about to have our first CAP General Meeting of 2020, on Thursday the 24th at 7PM. It has certainly been a trying year. As a result, we have a lot to discuss and vote on, so we very much need your attendance to make quorum. We wish to make the meeting as safe as possible, so we ask that members bring their own chairs so we can spread out throughout the beach area to maintain proper social distancing, and please bring and wear your mask. Remember, this is to protect your neighbors as well as yourself. If you are not comfortable attending the meeting in person, we ask that you visit our Absentee and Proxy Voting page, print out one of the two forms linked there, and submit it to a BOG member at least one week before the meeting. Remember, the Proxy ballot offers both more flexibility and counts toward quorum, and so is the preferred method of voting in the event you cannot make the meeting in person.

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You can find our agenda on the right. Please take a look to see what to expect in our meeting. Since time is also a factor in the risk of contagion, and let's face it, since no one wants to spend all night at a CAP General Meeting, we will try to get as much information out there as possible in a compact time frame. Continue reading below to find out more about the members and issues for which we will be discussing and voting.

We currently have three vacant board Governor positions that run through 2021. We have three great candidates running for these three positions. Information on each member follows:

Kim Roy:

Hi, my name is Kimberly Roy. I grew up in Palisades and returned to raise my family in our beautiful community. I enjoy walking through our neighborhood with my husband, children and dog. Prior to raising my family, I worked for the county health department. I've been back in Palisades for more than twenty years and really look forward to helping the community association preserve this wonderful place.

Paul White:

I have lived here since 1997. I like hockey, history and being near the water. I would like to see the community slow/ stop the runoff into the beach and ramp during storms and divert it into the park. This would help with the quality of water our kids play in.

Ann Marie Mack:

I moved into the Palisades Community 34 years ago with my husband, Greg, and five children. I have loved living in Palisades and feel very lucky to have raised my children here.

I have served on the Board before. I hope I can join the Board this year to be more active in the community.

We have three additional votes planned; you can find more information on each in respective blog posts. These votes are:

  1. The addition of a Boat Ramp Use Agreement. This has been precipitated by several cases of misuse. The vote is to add this agreement to the boat ramp access process. Again, you can see the draft of the agreement as its own blog posting, or as a PDF linked from the bottom of the news page.

  2. The CAP BOG temporarily added the following Community Guideline for Short Term Renters, in the Guests section: "Any lodger, or short-term renter, as defined by Anne Arundel County Council Bill 88:19, will be considered a Guest for the purposes of the use of CAP Community amenities, and as such must be accompanied by a CAP member." The vote is to make this permanent or not. This is Option #3 from the Short Term Rental Study Project led by Linda Phillips. The study is presented in a blog on the website, and the membership is encouraged to read this document prior to the meeting. This will allow for more informed discussion.

  3. Articles of Incorporation Review is also on the blog. The vote is to continue to the next step toward changes or to leave them as they are. Once again, the membership is encouraged to read the blog and the document attached to the blog to allow for an informed discussion on our options.

We look forward to seeing many of our members at the meeting.


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