Dolphins in the Severn!

July 21, 2020

This stunning video of dolphin pods was taken just outside of Brewer Creek (sometimes known as Idle River) on the Severn River. Anna Grace Keller and her sister Madolin Keller captured the video, shared by the Severn River Association. Anna Grace estimated about 30 dolphins in all were playing beside the boat she and her sister were riding on. A family at Linstead Beach on the Severn also captured pictures of dolphins that were playing just off their pier at sunrise.

According to the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) Chesapeake Biological Lab’s Chesapeake DolphinWatch program, over 500 dolphin sightings have been reported in the Chesapeake Bay using the DolphinWatch smartphone app, compared to 400 at this same time last year.

Read a just-released fact sheet on DolphinWatch findings from 2017-2019 here:

The DolphinWatch team not only monitors locations of dolphins within the Chesapeake Bay, it listens for dolphin calls and their signature whistles or “name” so they can identify and track individual dolphins. So far, they have been able to identify 250 unique dolphin whistles on the Potomac River alone.

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