Boat Ramp Use Agreement

General Expectations

The use of the boat ramp is reserved for CAP community members who have paid the annual boat ramp access fee. The CAP member who has paid the boat ramp access fee must be present whenever the boat ramp is used. Please do not share the access code. The ramp is for the private, recreational use of CAP members; it is not for commercial use. Please lock the gate after you use the ramp.

Safety Notice

The boat ramp also serves as the "fire hydrant" for the neighborhood. Therefore, a mechanism has been put in place that allows the gate to be locked using both our neighborhood padlock, and a second padlock for the fire department. Please let me know if you have any problems with using this mechanism. In order for firetrucks to access the water via the boat ramp, please park boat trailers 50 feet from the ramp.

Changes to the Access Code

The access code will be updated at the start of each boating season (April) and emailed out to all who have paid the boat ramp access fee. If at some point during the season we need to change the combination, we will send out an update email with the new combination several days ahead of making the change to the lock.


Be a good neighbor and please follow these parking rules:

  • Don’t block driveways

  • No parking along yellow curb

  • Roads must be passable for emergency vehicles. Leave room!

Please direct any boat ramp related questions to Property Maintenance committee chair Paul O’Hearn. Email and include “Boat Ramp” in the subject line.

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