2020 CAP Survey Results

In November, 2020, the CAP Board of Governors (BOG) sent a Survey out to all CAP members. The purpose of the Survey was two fold-- (1) to ask for feedback on how we are doing as a governing Board and, (2) to receive guidance for future direction. Twenty-three members responded, which met CAP quorum. Thank you to all who responded to the Survey!

Specific results of the Survey are listed below. In general, respondants indicated that they were happy with the way that CAP BOG was conducting business, hosting events, and communicating information.

Two projects that members felt were the most important to focus on in 2021 were StormWater Mitigation/Rain Garden and Pavilion Upgrade. In response, CAP has designated a committee called the “CAP Project Committee“ that will begin research on these two projects. The committee will be Co-Chaired by Paul White and Paul O’Hearn.

We are looking for neighbors who are interested in working together on these projects and, ultimately, enhancing our community amenities. Please consider volunteering. We value your participation. If you are a member and would like to be part of this committee, please email us at Attn: Project Committee.


Quality of website:

Rating Percentage Number of Respondants

Poor 0% 0

Average 39% 9

Above Average 30% 7

Great 30% 7

Weighted Average = 3.91/5*s 23 Total

Quality of CAP Newsletter

Rating Percentage Number of Respondants

Poor 0% 0

Average 4% 1

Above Average 52% 12

Great 43% 10

Weighted Average = 4.39/5*'s 23 Total

Quality of CAP Social Events

Rating Percentage Number of Respondants

Poor 5% 1

Average 20% 4

Above Average 35% 7

Great 40% 8

Weighted Average = 4.05/5*'s 20 Total

Quality of Community Property Maintenance

Rating Percentage Number of Respondants

Poor 0% 0

Average 9% 2

Above Average 59% 13

Great 32% 7

Weighted Average = 4.23/5*'s 22 Total

Cost of Dues Rating

Rating Percentage Number of Respondants

Way too Low 0% 0

Low 39% 9

Just Right 57% 13

High 4% 1

Way too High 0% 0

23 Total

Rating of how well CAP BOG Spends Member Dues (Efficiency & Purpose)

Rating Percentage Number of Respondants

Poor Stewardship 0% 0

Some Concerns 5% 1


Stewardship 32% 7

Above Average

Stewardship 23% 5


Stewardship 41% 9

22 Total

Website Pages Visited

Rating Percentage Number of Respondants

Weather/Tide 52% 12

News/Events 74% 17

Blogs 26% 6

Docs/Guidelines 52% 12

Budget 35% 8

Newsletter 87% 20

Members/Join 39% 9

23 Total

Top Two Most Important Projects to focus on in 2021

Rating Percentage Number of Respondants

StormWater Mitigation / Rain Garden 45% 10

Beach Sand Replenishment 32% 7

Pavilion Repair 32% 7

Pavilion Upgrade 55% 12

Boat Ramp Upgrade 32% 7

Improvement to Severn River

Landing property 0% 0

Improvement to Waterfront on

Diggs Road property 0% 0

New Sign for Beach 9% 2

Magnetic Membership Bumper

Stickers to prevent tresspassers 18% 4

*Please note: % and total number of respondants will not total 100 and 23, respectfully, because each respondant was to choose two answers.


  1. It doesn't make any sense to do any work on pavilion or boat ramp till we fix the run off issues.

  2. I might suggest adding N/A to some of the question response options on the next survey.

  3. Plan to increase membership. Format and content of newsletter is fantastic. Great improvement. Please keep in mind those who do not have access to computer to obtain information about the community.

  4. The storm water/drainage issue will require research, planning and a lot of money to do it right. Our neighborhood does not have the money now to hire experts to figure this problem out for us.

  5. Wish we could attend more social events, but were careful with COVID. Hopefully, we can come to them next year!

  6. What a great BOG!

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