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Membership Form and Payment Options

Thank you for becoming a CAP Member and joining neighbors in making your community the best it can be.  Your contribution makes a difference!  


Monies go toward upkeep of the beach, piers, pavilion, boat ramp, playgrounds, small craft storage, little Library, and common areas.  Even if you don't use these amenities, your monies help increase property value by keeping the amenities in tip top shape.  Thank you!!!!!

We cannot assign any more kayak slots. If you would like to be added to the Waitlist, please send an email to

Option #1: Pay by Check

Please download the PDF Membership Form, complete it, and mail it in with your check to:

Civic Association of Palisades 

P.O. Box 301

Crownsville, MD 21032.  

Option #2: Pay by Credit Card

To pay by credit card, return to the Menu item "MORE".  Click on the option "SHOP".  In order to connect your household information with your payment, you will be asked to either login or JOIN as a member.  You will then be prompted for membership payment.  Immediately after payment, you will receive a Thank You notification and a detailed emailed receipt. You can keep track of all of your CAP purchases under "MEMBER ACCOUNT".   

Update Your Membership Information

Please update your contact information by clicking here:

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