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Proxy Ballot


A proxy identifies a substitute voter. A CAP member who is unable to attend the General Meeting may name another CAP member to vote for the household by executing the proxy ballot.  A completed proxy ballot will be considered when determining whether a quorum is in attendance at the General Meeting. The proxy form allows the member to direct the proxy to vote a certain way on each specific item under deliberation. Thus, a proxy ballot negates the need for an absentee ballot. See the "How Do I Choose" section below for more specific information on how the proxy works, or reference the CAP By-Laws.




Absentee Ballot

An absentee ballot is a vote cast by a CAP member who is unable to attend a CAP General Meeting. A completed absentee ballot will not be considered when determining whether a quorum is in attendance at the General Meeting.

How to Choose?

Use the Proxy Ballot if at all possible. The reasons for this are:

  1. If the item being deliberated is changed in any manner during deliberations at the General Meeting, the directions in the absentee ballot, and specific voting direction on the proxy ballot are invalidated. However, the proxy is still valid. Thus it is important to choose a proxy who views mirror the member's. In this way, your voting power is still in effect. Similarly for any additional items that are brought to a vote during the meeting, a proxy maintains your voting power.

  2. The proxy allows for involvement, deliberation, transparency, and feedback for the community in General Meetings in a manner the absentee ballot lacks. While suffrage is important, in our community, ideas and contributions are equally important.

  3. The proxy will be counted toward quorum, whereas the absentee ballot will not count toward quorum. Thus a proxy helps ensure enough votes are cast to enable CAP business to be accomplished.

For both types of ballot, the member must sign and return the ballot to the CAP Board of Governors at least one week prior to the General Meeting.  Return forms to a CAP Governor or to Linda at 526 Anne Arundel Blvd.  

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