Civic Association of Palisades (CAP)

The Civic Association of Palisades (CAP) is open to homeowners and tenants of properties in Palisades on the Severn, Palisades Park, and Severn Landing communities.

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About Us

The Civic Association of Palisades (CAP) is a voluntary non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to manage and improve commonly-held properties in the communities of Palisades Park, Palisades on the Severn, and Severn Landing, and to foster a heightened sense of community.


An 11-person Board (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and seven governors) manages the voluntary non-profit organization.


CAP owns deeds to a beach and recreation area in Palisades on the Severn; an undeveloped acre of land in Severn Landing set aside for recreational use; an unused shoreline property on Diggs Road, and various unused/unbuildable common areas.


Membership Benefits
  • CAP extends water privileges to all member homes, including those not actually on the water, through a shared pier, beach, boat ramp, waterside pavilion, small craft storage, and playgrounds.


  • Members can rent the pavilion for self-organized events near the water.


  • We host community activities aimed at having fun and bringing people together. Examples include a spring Easter egg hunt, 4th of July party, kids’ night out, Halloween party, and Christmas party.


  • Serving our members

The creation and maintenance of a water-accessible community the primary goal of CAP. We serve our members and provide a voice for our community.

  • Sensitive and fragile area protection

Our community firmly believes sensitive and fragile areas should be preserved and restored, particularly wetlands and steep slopes along the Severn River watershed

  • Active stewardship of land and waterways

The community also believes residents should assume an active role in the stewardship of the land, waterways, and community.

  • Community education

Goals include promotion of watershed protection on both private and CAP-owned property, through community programs such as the Master Gardener, BayWise, and Watershed Stewards.


         Civic Association of Palisades

         P.O. Box 301

         Crownsville, MD 21032


Community Assets

  • Beach

  • Pier

  • Boat ramp

  • Waterside pavilion

  • Small craft storage

  • Playground


Community Guidelines

Need to know when the beach opens or how to store your boat in the small craft rack? Download our Guidelines.

Our Board

President:  John Morrison

Vice President: Tim Palombo (Acting)

Secretary: Karen Yanon

Treasurer:  Virginia White



  • Chris Ehrbaker

  • Tim Palombo

  • Rina Hicks

  • Janice Roderick

  • Karen Yanon

  • Donna Mulvenny

  • Paul O'Hearn

  • Alan Dynerman