About Us

The Civic Association of Palisades (CAP) is a voluntary non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to manage and improve commonly-held properties in the communities of Palisades Park, Palisades on the Severn, and Severn Landing, and to foster a heightened sense of community.


An 11-person Board (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and seven governors) manages the voluntary non-profit organization.


CAP owns deeds to a beach and recreation area in Palisades on the Severn; an undeveloped acre of land in Severn Landing set aside for recreational use; an unused shoreline property on Diggs Road, and various unused/unbuildable common areas.


Membership Benefits
  • CAP extends water privileges to all member homes, including those not actually on the water, through a shared pier, beach, boat ramp, waterside pavilion, small craft storage, and playgrounds.


  • Members can rent the pavilion for self-organized events near the water.


  • We host community activities aimed at having fun and bringing people together. Examples include a spring Easter egg hunt, 4th of July party, kids’ night out, Halloween party, and Christmas party.


  • Serving our members

The creation and maintenance of a water-accessible community the primary goal of CAP. We serve our members and provide a voice for our community.

  • Sensitive and fragile area protection

Our community firmly believes sensitive and fragile areas should be preserved and restored, particularly wetlands and steep slopes along the Severn River watershed

  • Active stewardship of land and waterways

The community also believes residents should assume an active role in the stewardship of the land, waterways, and community.

  • Community education

Goals include promotion of watershed protection on both private and CAP-owned property, through community programs such as the Master Gardener, BayWise, and Watershed Stewards.


         Civic Association of Palisades

         P.O. Box 301

         Crownsville, MD 21032


         Email: palisadesontheservn@gmail.com

Community Assets

  • Beach

  • Pier

  • Boat ramp

  • Waterside pavilion

  • Small craft storage

  • Playground


Community Guidelines

Need to know when the beach opens or how to store your boat in the small craft rack? Download our Guidelines.

Our Board


President:  Janice Roderick (Acting)

Vice President: Kim Roy (Acting)

Treasurer: Virginia White

Secretary: Ann Marie Mack

Governor-1: Rina Hicks

Governor-2: Linda Phillips

Governor-3: Stephanie Mazur

Governor-4: Ann Marie Mack

Governor-5: Kim Roy

Governor-6: Paul White

Governor-7: Holly Estrada

Governor-8: Virginia White

Governor-9: Paul O'Hearn


Social Committee: Rina Hicks (Chair)

Linda Phillips

Membership Committee: Stephanie Mazure (Chair)


Communications Committee: Linda Phillips (Chair), Kim Roy, John Morrison

External Affairs Committee: Paul White (Chair)

Maintenance Committee: Paul O'Hearn (Chair)

Mike Ogburn, Paul White


Civic Association of Palisades (CAP)

The Civic Association of Palisades (CAP) is open to homeowners and tenants of properties in Palisades on the Severn, Palisades Park, and Severn Landing communities.

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